Company Run
A charity relay race for small business and corporate employees.

Bieg Firmowy (Company Run) is a cyclical event happening every May and June in Wrocław and Warsaw since 2013. Its goal is to promote fitness among business and corporate employees, and to encourage them to help those in need while staying fit.

Scope of work:
Website refurbishment and redesign


Developing a new visual direction for an already existing and coded website built using a ready template. However, working on a live and functioning project created some technical limitations that needed to be dealt with regardless of how little leeway was possible. Yet, the objective remained unchanged, which was to bring in more dynamism through use of colors and carefully chosen visual elements to better convey joyful and energetic side of a friendly rivalry between companies.

"The final outcome has greatly exceeded our expectations".

Marta Zięba - Office Manager


The key to success of such a praiseworthy charity event are people, and for that reason it was the people who became the main visual theme of the redesigned website. Unique pictures showing the event’s participants full of enthusiasm, vitality, and joy were an ideal way to pass on an energetic and familial atmosphere.

Bieg Firmowy_two layouts website by Dawid Koniuszewski DesignBieg Firmowy_two layouts website by Dawid Koniuszewski Design
Bieg Firmowy_four layouts website by Dawid Koniuszewski DesignBieg Firmowy_four layouts website by Dawid Koniuszewski Design

The event’s dynamism and emotional character were further underlined by using of an appropriately expressive font.​​​​​​​

"We want to express our admiration for David's professional approach to providing services. We could count on continuous support, quick problem-solving, and impeccable communication the whole time during our collaboration. Furthermore, he's coming up with lots of own ideas for technical and visual improvements of a website. We gladly and highly recommend working with him".

Marta Zięba - Office Manager