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While being dynamic and full of innovative ideas themselves, the Irish company aperio needed a way to overcome the dull perception of their field of expertise. They were seeking a unique approach to help their services appeal to a new generation of business owners. Quickly they understood that an exceptional visual identity would be critical for aperio to stand out from the competition.


Scope of work:
Brand identity
Business cards
PPT presentations
Company brochures
Website design
Website development and launch
Identity manual
Website administration

Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Aperio buildingDawid Koniuszewski Design_Aperio building
Dawid Koniuszewski DesignDawid Koniuszewski Design
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_aperio MoodboardDawid Koniuszewski Design_aperio Moodboard
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_aperio contrastDawid Koniuszewski Design_aperio contrast
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__Aperio-1060-727Dawid Koniuszewski Design__Aperio-1060-727
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__Aaperio identityDawid Koniuszewski Design__Aaperio identity
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio identity iconsDawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio identity icons
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio brochure coverDawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio brochure cover
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio powerpoint templateDawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio powerpoint template
Dawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio Responsive Web DesignDawid Koniuszewski Design__aperio Responsive Web Design