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Tax Advisors Group

Taxagroup is the biggest Lower Silesian tax advisory firm. Years of experience in the financial sector, unprecedented understanding of clients’ needs, and exceptional work ethics have become the company’s trademark. Currently, it occupies top spots in the domestic rankings and listings, only falling behind “the great four” of tax advisory. This inconceivable success was possible due to the trust of Wrocław-based clients who deem priceless, so rare in the financial sector, local character and Polish nominal capital of the Group.

Scope of work:
Brand identity
Web design and web development


Create an innovative image of a local leader changing a power structure of the domestic market.


The first step of the comprehensive rebranding was designing a new logotype and the matching color palette to fit its message. The logotype served as the foundation for designing business materials.

To increase brand awareness and reach, a fully responsive and cross-platform website has been built.


The images used there were carefully selected to boost brand credibility and underline its local character. These pictures come from the dedicated photo shoot that involved real-life employees who meet with clients on daily basis. This approach clearly expresses the brand’s human face.

TaxAGroup_Zdjęcia by Dawid Koniuszewski DesignTaxAGroup_Zdjęcia by Dawid Koniuszewski Design

"Considering our past and present collaboration, we want to recommend Dawid Koniuszewski Design as a web design partner. Its knowledge and experience came in handy in both the technical specification development phase and the building process itself. Working with this company has always been effortless and characterized by an outcome-focused no-nonsense approach. A high level of skills and experience the Dawid Koniuszewski Design's staff possesses makes it easy for us to endorse this company."

Jakub Boberski, Patner, Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o., Tax Advisors Company