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Drawing connotations with a traditional army model is a compelling differentiator for a company operating in the modern IT sector. However, inconsistent and slightly archaic elements of TestArmy’s visual identity seemed more like a rusty machine gun, only undermining the brand’s image. After seven years in business, the company has decided it was time for rebranding. Fire!

Scope of work:
Logo design
Web design
Web publishing and presentations
Icons and illustrations

TestArmy_Główne zdjęcieTestArmy_Główne zdjęcie


Create a refreshed and contemporary brand image based on its timeless values.

Prezentacja programu PowerPointPrezentacja programu PowerPoint

Mission 1: Logotype

The strategy is simple: select the crest of the world’s most powerful army, simplify it as much as possible, and based on this create an emblem relevant to common project trends in the IT sector. Vivid colors have been emphasized by the different font weight used in the name, which brings a visual pace.


Mission 2: The website

The image,  from a dedicated photo shoot, shows a modern company’s headquarters and authenticates its claim expressed through the Testing Special Forces. Other departments have been instructed to implement the new visual identity, which improved consistency of their visual look.

TestArmy_Strona internetowa by Dawid Koniuszewski DesignTestArmy_Strona internetowa by Dawid Koniuszewski Design
TestArmy_Strona www_by Dawid Koniuszewski DesignTestArmy_Strona www_by Dawid Koniuszewski Design

Mission 3: The landing page

The landing page is a true battlefront in the fight for client’s attention. There’s no time to think here. A few-second’s span must be enough to convince the client of our competence and direct them to a product.


Army connotations served as inspiration to create the company’s modern visual identity, solidifying its image across all customer interaction channels.

"We were looking for a design studio with experience in rebranding and image refreshing. We wanted to visualize our strong points, i.e., trustworthy specialists and top-class services. The Dawid Koniuszewski Design studio turned out to be exactly the partner we needed. The professional approach and utter attention to the client’s needs undoubtedly make Dawid Koniuszewski Design stand out from other creative agencies.” 

Wojciech Mróz, Managing Partner, TestArmy