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Turtle Rover

Branding development for companies operating in the new technologies sector is often a tough task. For example, an ideal logotype should be uncomplicated and conjure up the company’s mission. However, innovative projects often break boundaries and fulfill unspoken needs that are hard to describe in a few simple words. Then, symbols and uncanny connotations come to the rescue.

Photos: Julia Dzwończyk

Scope of work:
User interface
Kickstarter camapign graphics
Icons and illustrations
Brand guidelines


Develop a unique visual identity for an innovative start-up company.


Turtle is an ultra-compact exploration rover that helps discover inaccessible terrain. It’s able to perform thanks to a fully independent suspension that enables each wheel to move at a different angle. This very form of a vehicle suspension has become an inspiration for the logotype, which is based on four independent circles.

Turtle Logo Design by-Dawid-Koniuszewski-DesignTurtle Logo Design by-Dawid-Koniuszewski-Design

The unique typeface seamlessly corresponds to the name. The emblem present in all elements of the visual identity is also embedded in typography.

An intense green color is not a standard color choice for a high-tech brand, but here used to help build the feeling of freshness (innovation) and become the eye-catching background for the minimalistic branding.

The robot’s operating manual is an additional branding element designed, just like all the others, in line with the brand’s visual identity.

Turtle Rover Picture 3 by-Dawid-Koniuszewski-DesignTurtle Rover Picture 3 by-Dawid-Koniuszewski-Design