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Verstiuk Production

Verstiuk Production, an “animated explainer” video agency, needed help in developing the company’s visual side. While they have already gained ample recognition in this sector working on other people’s products, they decided they wanted expert guidance on picking the right visual direction for their own brand. The better their brand identity, the greater their chance of creating premium promotional content for established B2B companies, promising start-ups, and influential marketing professionals.


Scope of work:
Brand analysis
Brand idea
Brand identity
Email signatures
Social media templates
Proposal template
Business cards
Identity manual

Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Hanging signDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Hanging sign
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-positioning-GIFDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-positioning-GIF
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Verstiuk_MoodboardDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Verstiuk_Moodboard
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-ideaDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-idea
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Pixels-GIFDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Pixels-GIF
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_IdentityDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Identity
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Logo on whiteDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Logo on white
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Identity manualDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Identity manual
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-iconsDawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Brand-icons
Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Identity manual12Dawid Koniuszewski Design_Verstiuk_Identity manual12